About the GCMFA

GCMFA’s Mission

To sponsor programs and workshops related to the mutual fund industry and provide a forum through which members can freely exchange ideas and information.

History of the GCMFA

Organized in 1991 by a collective of financial services professionals, the Greater Cincinnati Mutual Funds Association, Inc. (GCMFA) is a non-profit organization centered on facilitating interaction and idea sharing within the mutual fund industry. The GCMFA was introduced as a way for Members to better educate themselves and their peers amidst a rapidly evolving backdrop. The GCMFA has since expanded to include not only mutual fund companies, but also banks and industry service providers.

The Role of the GCMFA

The GCMFA provides a forum for education, industry best practices, workshops, seminars, networking, and social events among Members.

The following list highlights many of the activities and topics in which the GCMFA is active:

  • Legal/Regulatory Workshop
  • Mutual Fund Accounting & Taxation
  • Trends in Sales & Distribution
  • Basic Mutual Fund Training
  • Quarterly Social Networking Events
  • Annual Member Meeting